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Ohio teachers have the worst pension deal in the country.

The State Auditor reported in his 71-page Special Audit of STRS that high fees and underperformance cost the fund $90 billion of unrealized returns they could have achieved with a low-cost, fully transparent S&P 500 index fund.

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About Arthur Lard

Despite STRS losing $5.3 billion last year, Arthur Lard approved $10 million in STRS staff bonuses. And then he lied about voting to reduce the retirement age (eliminating age 60 requirement) -- he didn't. He supports his STRS cronies with bonuses and pay raises while teachers are forced to work longer and pay more for less benefits. Lard's failure to protect teachers while enriching his friends is the hallmark of his tenure on the board.

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Ohio teachers pension fund leaders have no real plan only propaganda
What STRS doesn’t admit is the truth: They have no real plan to restore benefit cuts and to provide a COLA for retirees.
Ohio teacher pension fund considers 30% boost in staff bonuses
Managers of Ohio’s $90 billion public teacher pension fund are considering a larger round of bonuses for its investment staff despite retired educators’ concerns.
Ohio teachers concerned after Auditor report raises retirement fund transparency issues
State Teachers' Retirement System confirms it has more than $27m invested in failed Silicon Valley Bank
After other risky investments, Ohio pension system won’t say what it lost on failed bank
The Ohio State Teachers Retirement System still hasn’t said exactly how much of its members’ money it lost when Silicon Valley Bank failed last weekend.
Ohio teachers' retirement fund holds shares in failed bank
Financial documents show Ohio’s State Teachers Retirement System is among the investors in a California bank that collapsed on Friday - Silicon Valley Bank.
Does your public pension fund hold risky crypto-related investments? It can take a fight to find out.
The board didn’t respond to the retirees’ questions at the meeting. But in fact, STRS had nearly $9.5 million in exposure to FTX, including about $6.6 million within a private-equity fund called Thoma Bravo Growth Fund and the rest “spread across various funds,” STRS told MarketWatch.


Pat is a Business and Computer teacher in the Berea City School District with 22 years of classroom experience. For the majority of his career, he has taught Personal Finance classes to high school students. Pat has developed an expertise on retirement issues by serving on the Ohio Federation of Teachers Retirement Committee for the past seven years.

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Pat Davidson
Arthur Lard
Bring Needed Transparency & Reform
Restore Promised COLA
Restore Full Benefits at 30 Years of Service
End STRS staff bonuses
End Hidden Fees Paid to Wall Street